Die 4 größten Mythen über Branding

Branding, Marketing, Werbung ist doch alles das Gleiche

"Without a brand, you have nothing to advertise, and without advertising, your brand remains unknown to the world".

Wenn Sie ein Logo haben, haben Sie auch einen Brand

“Logos are just a single part of the total brand cosmology that includes icons (not only logos but also packaging, product design and other senses including taste, touch, sound and smell), rituals, creation story, creed, a special lexicon, nonbelievers and leaders”

Branding ist teuer und nur für Großunternehmen wichtig

“Traditionally, big companies have had an edge over smaller ones. But the new school reality is that digital media and technology have flattened the playing field.”

Mundpropaganda und Empfehlungen ist alles, was man braucht

“It’s a great way to increase business over time, but it isn’t something to base your business plan and success on. It isn’t proactive, and it simply doesn’t work in today’s competitive climate. It’s wishful thinking, not a realistic business plan.”

Anna Grant Corporate Design